Mission Statement

Preserve the Heritage, Enhance the Well Being and Strengthen the Future of the People.

Urban Indian Center of Salt Lake Values

  1. Creating a welcoming and safe environment as an extension of generosity and compassion.
  2. Acknowledging and respecting the truth of each individual’s beliefs.
  3. Respecting the historical perseverance of our ancestors by honoring the wisdom of our elders.
  4. Honoring the life passages and experiences each living individual embodies.
  5. To sustain the learning and acceptance of cultural traditions, identity, and values.
  6. Decision making and communication is open and respectful to the needs of the community being served

You can support the work we do with a financial contribution or; indirectly, by using the link below:

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Did you know that the Urban Indian Center of Salt Lake makes available for rent is Hall.  Fees are used to support the work of the UIC-SL and to continue our work in preserving and upgrading our facility.  You can download the application below.  And, feel free to contact the Center directly for details on open dates.

UIC-SL Hall/Facility Lease Application