The staff at the Urban Indian Center of Salt Lake works to provide a safe and fun environment for our American Indian and Alaska Native youth with summer and afterschool programs. These activities include educational, social, behavioral health and health components that build intelligent and culturally aware children – while simply allowing native youth time to play together.  These activities, which change from year to year according to need and available funding, include:

  • Annual Conferences
  • Cultural Arts and Crafts
  • Community Gardening
  • Homework labs
  • Leadership Training
  • Life Skills Instruction
  • Powwow Drum & Dance Classes
  • Service Projects
  • Substance Abuse Prevention

Some programs are held in collaboration with other organizations such as local school districts, community organizations, and state agencies.  Some programs have age restrictions and most require parents to provide documentation of tribal enrollment.

In order to register for programs or services provided by the Urban Indian Center of Salt Lake, please bring the following documentation when you visit the Center, along with the completed printed Intake Forms found below.  All documentation must be provided for  everyone who needs to be registered

1. A Tribally issued Certificate of Indian Blood (CIB) or Identification card.  A CIB must include the degree of Indian Blood (ex: 1/2, 1/4, etc.)
2. Social Security Card (or letter from Social Security Administration indicating you have ordered a new or duplicate card)
3. Photo ID, if over 18 (if registering your child, please bring parent[s] photo ID)
4. Proof of residency (rental/lease agreement, mortgage, or official mail)
5. Proof of Income (if applicable)
6. Medical insurance card (if applicable)

Intake Forms

*Please note: This form is required for all new clients and those who have not been to the center for a period of greater than 5 years.