Client Services

In order to register for programs or services provided by the Urban Indian Center of Salt Lake please bring the following documentation when you visit the Center; all documentation is required and must be provided at the time of registration. Along with documentation an intake form must be completed; the form can be found below or filled out at time of registration.

1. A Tribally issued Certificate of Indian Blood (CIB) or Identification card. A CIB must include the degree of Indian Blood (ex: 1/2, 1/4, etc.)
2. Social Security Card (or letter from Social Security Administration indicating you have ordered a new or duplicate card)
3. Photo ID, if over 18 (if registering your child, please bring parent[s] photo ID)
4. Proof of residency (rental/lease agreement, mortgage, or official mail)
5. Proof of Income (if applicable)
6. Medical insurance card (if applicable)

Intake Forms

*Please note: This form is required for all new clients and those who have not been to the center for a period of greater than 5 years.