Board Members

Alisa Amy Lee, JD, MA (Paiute-Shoshone)– Chair
Sharee Tso (Navajo) – Vice Chair
Tarl McCallson, CPA – Treasurer
Laura Gross Garcia(Navajo) – Secretary
Shay Lynn Bilinski, MPA (Navajo)
Paul Tsosie, JD, MPA (Navajo)
Beverly Patchell, RN, BSN, PhD (Cherokee Nation of Oklahoma)
Stephanie Lynn Benally (Navajo)
Brian Parnell, MSW, CSW (Cherokee Nation of Oklahoma)
Alexis Blackmountian (Navajo)

Board Meetings

Regular Board meetings occur monthly. All meetings are scheduled to occur at the Urban Indian Center of Salt Lake. Those wishing to attend and address the Board, are invited to contact the Board for information regarding any meeting date, time or location. If you wish to be added to the agenda for an upcoming meeting please email Laura at

Board Member Recruitment

The Urban Indian Center of Salt Lake City governed by a Board of Directors is currently made up of 10 members. At this time we are not accepting applications for new board members. For more information, email Alissa Lee at