Urban Indian

Sweat Lodge

  • The purpose of the Urban Indian Center of Salt Lake City (UICSL) sweat lodge is to provide a healing and cleansing ceremony with a priority on “beneficiaries”
  • Pursuant to federal law, beneficiaries are American Indians who are eligible to receive UICSL services.
  • In addition, beneficiaries will receive priority in the provision of UICSL services.
  • If you have diabetes, asthma, heart disease, or have recently consumed alcohol, The Urban Indian Center strongly urges you to consult your health care provider before participating in the Sweat Lodge Ceremony
  • The UICSL Sweat Lodge Ceremony now rotates between coed, men’s and women’s ceremonies!
  • Summer Schedule: Wednesdays @ 6pm
  • Winter Schedule: Sundays @ 1pm

Rules - PDF

First time sweat lodge participants must speak with the sweat leader prior to entering the sweat lodge. Please download and review the rules prior to attending. Thank you.

Our Community

Did you know that the Urban Indian Center of Salt Lake makes available the Hall and meeting rooms for rent?

The fees are used to support the work of the center; continuing our work in preserving and upgrading our facility.For details on rates please visit our Facility Rental page and call us 801-486-4877 for open dates!